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“We’ve been using Abigail’s translation services for over a decade since before Clarity was founded in 2012. Abigail is a pleasure to collaborate with and her work is always careful, accurate, and on time even with short notice. She’s able to capture the appropriate phrasing and cross-cultural nuance even when we’re researching complicated topics and policies. We’re grateful to have such a reliable, diligent partner supporting us and would recommend her to anyone.”

Cristina Sinclaire,
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“Abigail is professional, collaborative, responsive, and great to work with.  We have worked with her on several projects and she always replies promptly, returns work product in a timely manner, and is willing to talk through any questions in detail.  She is a fabulous addition to our team when we need translation services!”

Valerie Martin,
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“Itzamna Translations has been a game changer for our organization. I always feel confident that our work is translated on time and will resonate with our Latino audiences. Abigail’s rapid response is incredible and is why we keep going back to her services.”

Pita Juárez,
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“Sierra Club’s Grand Canyon (Arizona) Chapter has used Itzamna Translations for our translation needs since 2015. This has included translation of our Environmental Report Card and the appendices associated with it, fact sheets and other informational hand-outs, and various reports. Recently, they translated several films so we can have subtitles in Spanish. Itzamna Translations’ work is outstanding. They always meet deadlines, the translations are accurate, and the cost of translation is reasonable, plus they are both friendly and professional. These translations help us reach a broader audience with our work and help with our commitment to being a more inclusive and equitable organization. I highly recommend Itzamna Translations. They’re great!”

Sandy Bahr,
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“In the two years I’ve worked with Abigail, she’s provided top-notch Spanish translations with a quick turnaround time. In fact, she’s produced over 1,500 phrases utilized by our business. Abigail understands that the civic agencies we partner with require precise instructions accessible to broad demographics. Whenever we’ve had questions or wanted additional context, Abigail was there with a detailed and thoughtful email response. She’s also very upbeat and a pleasure to chat with. We’re very happy with the high quality and care evidenced by Itzamna Translations work.”

Jamee Herbert,
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We have been very pleased with the services that we have received on our time sensitive projects. We highly recommend Itzamna Translations.

Carolyn Mata,
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Not only have the translations been great, but the quick turn-around, attention to detail and availability of the company is outstanding!

Jennifer Allen,

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